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Outdoor fitness equipment manufacturer: To introduce the precautions for elderly people to use outdoor fitness equipment



Outdoor fitness equipment is a favorite outdoor fitness equipment for the elderly. When going out for a walk at night, it is common to see some elderly people using outdoor fitness equipment to exercise, but sometimes they are also very worried. After all, if they get old and use the wrong method, muscle tension is easy, so the editor discussed how to use outdoor fitness equipment for some elderly people and what to pay attention to.
Precautions: 1. Outdoor fitness equipment is mainly used to exercise the strength of the waist and lower limbs. Elderly people need to be careful not to exercise excessively to avoid damaging knee muscles.
Precautions 2. Many sensitive middle-aged and elderly people like to shake their legs together, which is very dangerous and can lead to unstable center of gravity. Therefore, when elderly people exercise outdoor fitness equipment, the appropriate swing range is about 45 °, which is more suitable. The optimal frequency is 3-4 seconds per occurrence.
Precautions 3. Elderly people should pay attention to the control range when using, the speed should be slow, the movement should be gentle, and there is a risk of spraining the lumbar muscles.
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