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What is Outdoor Amusement Equipment


Outdoor amusement equipment refers to various devices set up in outdoor places for people's entertainment activities and physical training. It includes:
1. Swing. The swing is one of the typical outdoor amusement devices, which can provide children and adults with ups and downs to experience the fun of swinging.
2. Seesaw board. The seesaw can exercise people's sense of balance and coordination, especially suitable for children to use.
3. Climbing frame. The climbing frame in outdoor amusement equipment includes various climbing facilities with varying degrees of difficulty, which can exercise people's athletic ability and bravery.
4. Carousel. The carousel is a beautiful childhood memory for many people, which can provide a fast spinning experience.
5. Belt slide. The ribbon slide can provide a sense of speed for those who slide down, especially suitable for children. The danger is significant and requires adult companionship.
6. Flying saucers. Flying saucers can create a sense of flight and provide a thrilling experience within a safe range. Adult guardianship is also required.
7. Billiards. Billiards is also one of the common outdoor entertainment activities. People can engage in billiards confrontations and exercise hand eye coordination skills.
8. Sand pool. Outdoor amusement parks often set up sand pools for children to play. It can cultivate children's imagination and be beneficial for limb development.
Outdoor amusement equipment is used for entertainment and exercise purposes, including swings, seesaws, climbing frames, carousels, and a wide variety of other types. They can cultivate people's sports skills, bravery, and teamwork awareness, which are beneficial for physical and mental health.
Widely located in various parks, resorts, and entertainment venues, it is deeply loved by people and is an important measure to build livable cities. Belonging to the basic public facilities and services of cities, it has a high frequency of use and social benefits. But there are also certain safety hazards that require regular maintenance and inspection.