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How much knowledge do you know about Naughty Castle

Naughty Castle, also known as Children's Castle, Genius Castle, or Amusement Castle, is designed based on children's characteristics. Through a scientific three-dimensional combination, it forms a new generation of children's activity center that integrates amusement, sports, education, and fitness, placing children in a thrilling, thrilling, and safe and reassuring amusement environment. This facility is beneficial for children to fully unleash their vitality and imagination, while having fun and gaining aerobic endurance in their bodies; It is conducive to meeting the psychological requirements of children, such as being competitive, unwilling to fall behind, and daring to explore, so that they can grow up healthier, happier, and smarter; At the same time, it is beneficial to cultivate children's brave, resilient, and tenacious personalities, exercise speed, strength, balance, coordination, and other qualities, and achieve the goal of strengthening the body, brain, and intelligence. The main projects in the Naughty Fort include trampoline, ocean ball pool, aerial gliding, single tree bridge, cable bridge, cockpit, rotating slide, slide tube, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcanic eruption, carbine, cannon, cartoon partition, aerial sedan, coconut tree, water bed, balloon house, horse spinning, time and space shuttle, happy octopus, inflatable jump bed, water slide, water roller, pirate ship, mini turntable Equipment such as animal rocking horses. The operation and installation of Naughty Fort are not limited by the site. It can be installed indoors, outdoors, or in irregular areas, with simple management, no power equipment, and convenient maintenance. 1. Plastic pipes and slides: Made of imported SK company LLDPE special material for rotational molding, which meets the requirements of GB/T4454-1996. The plastic wall thickness is 6mm or more, the color is bright, and the resistance to ultraviolet light (UV) reaches 8

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